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István Thuronyi was born into a noble family in 1921 in Tőkésújfalu (today Slovakia).  He got many accomplishments in art, his first mentor was Oszkár Glatz, friend of the family.

He graduated at the Academy of Agriculture then he was attending composition classes at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music during two years.

In 1944 he had to escape from Hungary and settled in France in 1947.

In 1955 he married Paule de Lescuret who revealed – as a true spiritual and intellectual partner - that his talent is a gift that obliges morally.

The unity between the christian spirituality and art was attained by the rapprochement with the charismatic renewal. Since then Thuronyi define himself as a „christian painter”.

In 1989, three years after the decease of his beloved companion, he entered to the Community of Chemin Neuf, a catholic community with an ecumenical vocation. He passed nine fruitful years in the Abbey of Sablonceaux.

Today he lives in Lourdes. His intellectual and spiritual vivacity set an example.